Plastic Box PC Version 2.0

This is my second PC project. Still using plastic box for it case. It’s 90% completed, still missing is a CD-ROM installation. Since I don’t have many free time now, I think I gonna keep it that way.

I decided to add 9cm fan since from my experiment the internal plastic enclosure is rather hot when running.

Hardware :

  • Motherboard : PCChips
  • Processor : Via C3 Ezra 800 Mhz (Passive Cooled)
  • Memory : Kingston DDR1 PC3200 512 MB
  • Storage : HDD Seagate PATA 120 GB 7200 RPM
  • Power Supply : Pico PSU 120 Watt with 45 Watt Adapter (from old spare HP laptop)
  • Casing : Plastic box from local store
  • Speaker : Logitech Z3
  • Display : 8″ Accoustic LCD TV + Monitor
  • Software :
    I haven’t got time to make a multimedia oriented OS setup. So for now I have these configuration

  • Plain Windows XP SP2
  • Winamp for Music Player
  • MPlayer for anything else
  • Some pictures (still using SE Z530) :

    Plastic Box PC V2.0 in Action

    Full View of Plastic PC

    I can’t find any suitable table for PBPC at home. So I put PBPC on top 1960’s Sharp TV that I ripped out all it’s content. I place the Logitech’s subwoofer inside. I believe it’s improve it bass sound quality but my ear my be wrong though ๐Ÿ™‚

    Update :
    Since I married now, we didn’t have any place to put this PC anymore. So I decided to sold some of it’s part ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Now PBPC version 2.0 is officially RIP

    last update : 19/12/2008


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