A new year with a new hope

Terus terang saya hampir lupa kalo punya blog ini 🙂 Dalam 2 bulan terakhir ini banyak yang terjadi dalam kehidupanku. A new decision, carrier and a new love is all I think about in the past 2 month.

Tapi aku masih tetap menjalankan hobby ku kok. Infact, I finished my 2nd “PC on a plastic box” project. This time I’m using a left over P3 mobo from my office paired with an old VIA C3 800 Mhz processor that I bought for Rp. 20.000,- only. So it’s not so small like my first Mini-ITX mobo but it’s quite since it’s all fanless now. For the OS, I stick with PuppyLinux since it’s small, fast and easy to configure. Saya sebenarnya sudah menulis pengalaman mencari distro linux yg kecil yg cukup diinstall
pada compact flash 512 MB but I always forget to post it. I’ll post ASAP.

For my OS journey, I’ve been trying various Puppy Linux derivate and the latest one is PCLinuxOS 2008 Mini Edition. I haven’t got time to play with it a bit deeper but my first impression is really great.

So, that’s what happen to me on the past 2 month and I hope good things will come in the year of 2008 🙂