Searching for My ‘Ideal’ media center

Beberapa hari terakhir ini saya menghabiskan banyak waktu untuk melakukan riset mengenai software media center. Mulai yang berbasis Windows sampai dengan Linux (pengennya sih pake Haiku, hehehe)

Anyway berikut ini kriteria media center yang saya cari :

  1. Lightweight
  2. krn berjalan di pc memakai prosesor VIA C3 dgn Memory 256 MB

  3. Running from Compact Flash
  4. Support TV & FM Radio
  5. Basic support : Video player, Music Player & Picture Viewer
  6. WAF (Wife Accepted Factor) 🙂

Dengan kriteria diatas mestinya mudah bukan ? Well, I’m completely wrong about that 😦
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Slow update…

Yes I know, it’s been a while since my last post. Real life really drained my spare time. Jika ada waktu luang sedikit aku pergunakan untuk istirahat. So I rarely touch my project and doing some fun with linux. But I do watching the progress on the OS world.

My last activities on linux would be My Media System. It’s a lightweight multimedia front end that really fit my need. I try to make a package for Puppy Linux because AFAIK there’s no multimedia front end for it. It depend on Alsa Player for music playing and MPlayer or Xine for the movies. So the first step would be making package for Alsa Player since there’s none that I aware of. It’s really easy since there’s a Slackware package for it. I just convert it to pet package. You can look my post on Puppy forum here. Don’t be confused since I post it under my old nickname.

There’s a Mplayer package and Xine is included by default on Puppy. Because there’s no MMS package on Slackware so I have to compiled manually 😦 I’m successfully making a Puppy package on second attempt but I can replicate it on my other development system 😦 So I don’t have the courage to post on to Puppy forum because I can’t compiled again if there’s a bug or special compile flag.

MMS run wonderfully on my system. I’ll try to make some screenshot on my system but I can’t promise to post my package until I’m pretty sure about it.

There’s a new RC release, 1.1.0 RC5, when I write this post. It’s bring some new exciting features that make MMS more interesting. Let see if I can compile it again on my system.